A Path to Dignity to screen in Bolivia

A Path to Dignity continues to make its way around the world this month. Tomorrow, Tuesday, 23 July, the film will be screened in Sucre, Bolivia as part of the Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos “El septimo ojo es tuyo” (FESTIMO). FESTIMO is organized by PUKAÑAWI, an organisation that encourages the management and development of culture and human rights through film.

Path to Dignity screening in BoliviaThe Festival’s 2013 theme, “work as a source of dignity and life”, certainly resonates with the voices featured in A Path to Dignity. Premalatha, a young girl in India, imagines herself becoming a teacher, working to sustain the kind of education that has changed the way she understands the world. Evrim, in Turkey, expresses her wish to work with and be an example for other women who seek to change their lives. For the Victoria police, human rights education encourages a more open and accommodating workplace, and new, more sensitive approaches to working with people in their community. These three stories exemplify the ways that work—supporting oneself, working for change, encouraging others—can be a wellspring of independence and dignity for children and adults worldwide.

A Path to Dignity will be screened alongside more than 70 films of varying lengths during the week-long festival in Sucre. The festival also features workshops, discussions and concerts aimed toward increasing cross-cultural dialogues concerning human rights and the importance of film in human rights education. More extensive information about the festival can be found here and on FESTIMO’s website.

If you are interested in sharing A Path to Dignity in your community, please contact us to arrange a screening in your area.

- Mary Kate Long

Mary Kate Long is an intern for HREA. As a graduate student at Boston University, she studies Buddhism, ethics and civic life in Asia.